Ice Rink Closed For the Winter

As an avid hockey fan, and pick up hockey enthusiast, when I heard the news of our Ralph Walker Rink ‘s doors closing for this 2016-17 winter season – I was absolutely devastated.
Sign our petition to help rock the boat on the conversation. We’ve still got a month to go before the rink is set to open. Any cause is possible with enough people behind it!

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3 Tips to Get the FUNK Outta Your Rut

 “If you don’t like my music.. you don’t have to use it.” This line sums it up for me: Don’t

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How Badly Do You REALLY Want It?

Sick and tired of people complaining about their lives. Come tell me why I’m wrong.

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Manifest Millennial Vlog Series: Episode 9

Asking the tough questions for the week – and we’re not letting you off the hook that easily.

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Intentionally Living The Monday From Hell

What are the ingredients for the Worst Monday of all time? See if your Monday stacked up to ours today and gain some insight about how we coped with the dreaded Case of the Mondays this week.

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Fake It Till You Make It

Sunday Scaries In Full Effect Posted up in a local Dunkin Donuts at 12:45PM on a Sunday Afternoon with nothing

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No Matter How Positive – No One is Immune to Poor Customer Service

Let’s face it – no one like to use their whole day off wasted running errands – but at least you feel productive at the end of the day.. This Saturday was a little more frustrating than most..

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ND Class of 2008 Reunion Recap. Response to Last Nights Events

A recap of our High School Reunion from last night. Jam packed with Meet-N-Greets with local Vine Stars, Dartboard Confessionals and a heated debate over Manifest’s successes and shortcomings.

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TV the Unsung Hero: How TV Can Inspire Personal Behaviors?

As you would suspect I’m a huge fan of the whole reality sports document genre. But what do our television viewing habits mean about our own personal behaviors?

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There’s Something Sexy About Not Giving a Shit. We Get It.

It’s always easier to ‘not give a crap’ than it is to show you care. What makes Mick Jaggar so badass? Do you think Sid Vicious would be a Sex Pistol without his apathy?!

Blog Post: 3 Minute Read with Videos

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