ND Class of 2008 Reunion Recap. Response to Last Nights Events

A recap of our High School Reunion from last night. Jam packed with Meet-N-Greets with local Vine Stars, Dartboard Confessionals and a heated debate over Manifest’s successes and shortcomings.

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TV the Unsung Hero: How TV Can Inspire Personal Behaviors?

As you would suspect I’m a huge fan of the whole reality sports document genre. But what do our television viewing habits mean about our own personal behaviors?

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There’s Something Sexy About Not Giving a Shit. We Get It.

It’s always easier to ‘not give a crap’ than it is to show you care. What makes Mick Jaggar so badass? Do you think Sid Vicious would be a Sex Pistol without his apathy?!

Blog Post: 3 Minute Read with Videos

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Instagram’s Grand Slam of an Update: Instagram Story Feature

Okay so now that you’ve crawled out from beneath your rock.. or in my case..your cubicle.. you’ve probably noticed your recently updated Instagram now has a bunch of floating avatars of some of your friends at the top (hopefully @manifestmillennial is one of them!). So here’s the #411. Instagram has decided to step it up big time here by introducing the Instagram Story feature.

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EXCLUSIVE: Video of Pokemon Go Fanatic FREAKOUT

Pokemon Go! Fanatic freaks out – hilarious!!! Video’s Inside!!

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New Merch Update

I’m sporting my new sample V-neck around town today so if you’ve reached the site by following the link on

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You Get One At-Bat – Never Settle for Anything. Ever.

You may be asking yourself, is this article a cry for help? And the answer? Quite Possibly… Most times we

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The End is Near… Actually… It’s Over.

I’m usually pretty humble, but with that being said, the road to complete this degree has been the most grueling process that I have ever experienced in my life.

8 years later, here I stand: Bachelor Degree in hand.

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What is Courage? I Bet You Don’t Even Have The ‘Courage’ to Click This…

Courage. No, Not The Cowardly Dog. Oh! So you think your courageous for clicking? It was a mind trick to

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Mindfreak: What the FRICK Happened to My Google Search Results Page?!

The Google Search tried to pull a fast one on me – but

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