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Picture of Andrew Reading Learned Optimism

Who Am I ?


It was a breezy summer afternoon. To escape the mundane chaos of responsibilities, I excused myself to take out the trash. As I stepped outside, a still calm passed over me as a perfectly timed breeze grazed my face. I filled my lungs with the sweet summer air and let out a great sigh of relief, pausing my busy internal dialogue of “to-do’s” and “what else needs to be done by the end of the day”. I’d made the decision to deal with one thing at a time: Take out the trash.


As I took the short walk towards the trash site, I took a moment to notice the beautiful surroundings of the radiant green trees as they danced in the wind, and the lively blades of perfectly conditioned grass that lay across the landscape. Sometimes you have to simply make the effort to notice things that are right in front of your eyes.


As I approached the trash area I noticed an item placed on the tan concrete wall foundation (of which I myself had painted) of the giant trash compactor. I couldn’t quite make out the item but was excited about the possibility of striking up a conversation with whomever was also throwing out their trash. I turned the corner and disposed of the trash.

To my surprise, I was in perfect solitude. No one in sight.

I turned back to see a paperback book that seemed to have been misplaced . It was almost as if someone had been reading the book while lugging their trash, set it down for a second and then forgot to pick it back up. Although not an avid reader myself, I couldn’t understand the possibility of someone deliberately throwing out a book (To this day, I am fascinated by volume of literature that my grandmother read on a weekly basis, this instilled a tremendous respect for books).

When I recognized the cover of the book, I was in utter shock. The book was Learned Optimism by Martin E. P. Seligman. It was almost as if discovering this book was a product of divine intervention, as I had explored the subject of personal development and enhancement for years, however only to the extent of window-shopping.  The discovery of this book made this whole process real.  I took the book back to my office and instantly started reading. I was invigorated by the journey that I had just begun, however I had no idea at the time, he tremendous impact that it would have on my life.

I am here to share my mistakes, insights and personal accomplishments in hopes that I am able to influence others in doing the same.

So here it is- here’s everything I’ve got. It’s all part of the big picture. My big picture- your big picture.

Let’s go on this journey together!


Feel free to contact me with ANY comments, questions or concerns. You can tell me that I’m a cotton headed ninny muggins- all I ask is that you give me your honest feedback. It is GREATLY appreciated.