How To Make Mondays NOT Suck: Get Involved!

Don Draper waits in anticipation of you sharing the reasons your Monday SUCKS
Well, Well, Well..


Looks like someone would like to share how THEIR Mondays suck..

But How!?

You’re in luck. See Below for instructions.


How To Share The Monday Suck
We’re molding this section of “Why Does This Monday Suck?” after “Hot 93.7 – Tell ‘Em Why You Mad


“This Monday Suck ’cause…I hate my job and my boss is a jerk” – Barry W. from East Rutherford, NJ

Hey Barry: Let’s get a life-coaching consultation scheduled. I’m confident that we can put some actionable steps in place to remedy your situation!

So How Do We Get In Touch?

  1. Email us right here via this link. (The Subject Line is Ready to Go!)


For the rebels out there that wanna “do their own thing”

  1. Go to your preferred e-mail program/website.
  2. Type into the “To” line of your favorite email:
  3. Type “This Monday Sucks Because..” into the subject line.
  4. Tell us your reasons that “This Monday Sucks” (the more details the better)
  5. Press Send
  6. Get Published

Email Message demonstrating how to contact for Make Mondays NOT Suck article

Hey AJ, we feel your pain.


So there you have it! Actionable steps to get yourself published on Manifest Millennial!

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