So I Guess I Didn’t Make MTV’s The Real World Season 31 – Shoutout to Dione From #TheRealWorld

I guess the waiting is over..

I’m sitting here waiting for a callback from MTV studio’s for my third interview for this season’s Real World almost 10 months later. I woke up everyday hoping to hear from them. 10 long months later, I get a text with this picture:

Dione from The Real World Season 31
Dione from the Real World Season 31 taunting me.

Last July (2015) I took a day trip up to Boston to try out for MTV’s The Real World. I was called back for the second round however, ‘Dione’ preceded me in the interviews. The Casting Director had him picked before I even had the opportunity to ask Dione if he would kindly pick up his shark tooth necklace that had fallen off his barren chest (I knew I should’ve made a scene-maybe I would ride on his coattails to fame, maybe that was my shot at the top). The odds were stacked against me but I still took a shot. Watch me discuss my disappointment unfold here on Periscope:

I wanted the fame – I wanted it SO bad. I even convinced the first 30 people in line that I was one of the producers:

Assistant Prod. of MTV's Real World AJ Massaro answers questions at Boston Audition
“If I left my headshot at home, is that okay?” “Yes, don’t worry about it- tell them that Andy said you’re all set. We’ll be in touch”
AJ Massaro on Real World Boston Audition 2015
“Okay, I realize that Dione was just sprawled across this booth, shirtless with only a Fox Skin vest in the middle of July, but please – smile and pretend that you still have a chance” – Casting Director














Moral of the Story: Never Give Up.

Shoutout to my friend Nick for helping me with the rejection!!


Never Give Up
After Dione destroyed my dreams of being the next funny guy on the Real World – Nick and I crushed some brews at The Cheesecake Factory Boston!!

That’s enough about the time that I was “almost famous” – maybe I just wasn’t cut out for that lifestyle. America wasn’t ready for me… Yet!! Anyways that’s enough about the real world adventure – shoutout to Dione, well deserved man.

Flash Back to Reality.

So I didn’t make it to the Real World (although Dione I expect a shout-out to my Blog while you’re on The Challenge– I’ll provide you the t-shirt) and the last time we spoke was over two weeks ago. I guess we can pretend that I took an unplanned vacation from blogging. Some of my core friends are good at keeping me honest – “dude you haven’t been manifesting-whats the deal? You’re letting me down…” Thanks for keeping me honest guys:

I’ve deviated from consistent updates and gotten real lazy. I’d started a new job about a month ago and used it as an excuse to ‘take some time off’.


Facebook Live is the Future

I’ve been trying out Facebook Live a lot lately but more for personal use than anything else:


Snapchat is ALSO the Future

The reason you ask? Accessibility.

As always – for everything Manifest Millennial stay updated on my snapchat – ayjzzle.

@ayjzzle on Snapchat - Snapchat image
If you take a picture of this on your Snapchat, it will automatically add me!!

Wait Before You Go!

I’ve discovered a new app : GhostCodes (Thanks to my good snapchat friend AJ Thornton @rollout925 on snap – dude is a Foodie Guru!!)

Find me on there, give me some love and I’ll get you back!!

Ghostcodes App


The weeks discussion: What’s the closest you’ve ever gotten to fame?! What about fame is so appealing to us?



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