January 5th: How Accountable Are You Today?


Are you holding yourself accountable? Yes... You.

You already know that I'm talking about your SMART New Years Resolution. Let's Go!! Be Accountable!

Okay so maybe I jumped the gun.. Maybe you haven't seen recent video about Setting S.M.A.R.T. New Years Resolutions, but now you've got the link so you've got no excuses (I've added in a feature that allows you to skip forward in the video to save you some time).

Speaking of resolutions, as I'd mentioned in the video, mine is to pump out 52 weeks of solid content into this blog. I'm not sure what the future holds but I'm enjoying every second of it so far.

With the recent Facebook circulation of the new J Cole interview (which can be seen here), it's easy to think that maybe the year 2016 will be one of deep soul searching for many individuals. Maybe this is the cultural shift that we need to experience in order to live happier lives. As Millennials, we're already stepping in the right direction. In almost every article I read about the Millennial work-force, our characteristics and attitudes are well represented by the data. We want work-life balance. It's a whole new way of approaching "work". /endrant

This post is a simply a product of me capitalizing on feelings of gratitude and high energy, that I was blessed(try using this word in your vocabulary more and see how your energy changes) with today.

Driving home from school, I decided to pull over, face the Brisk (don't worry: I still think of the PepsiCo/Lipton iced tea when I use the word too) winter air, and enjoy the weather. The product was today's video.


Without further adieu, I leave you with today's SURPRISE, mini-episode:




Hey! Thanks for reading! If you're reading this section, you've passed the test- Congratulations!! Comment below and tell me your New Years Resolution and how accountable you've been so far!