Addressing Fear of Failure


Fear of Failure

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope everyone had as wonderful of a week as I have been having. I thought I'd shed a more positive light on life this week after discussing working through the difficulties of unemployment in last week's blog post: Life Wars: The Hope Awakens.

A lot of great things going on.

Here's a few highlights from the week:

  • Had a tremendous Christmas with my family! Happy Holidays everyone!
  • The first set of business cards have been printed (and some distributed).
  • Added the Facebook Comment feature (hopefully making it easier for readers to comment!)
  • I've been receiving TREMENDOUS feedback from an overwhelming amount of supporters.(Constructive Criticisms absolutely encouraged!!)
  • I've established a YouTube Channel (I've found out that establishing a social media completely new social media presence is incredibly time consuming in it of itself.)

And last but certainly not least:

  • I've finally mustered up the courage to try out a first (of hopefully many) video blog! Please let me know what you guys think: