All the Time in the World?

How much time do you have? Wait what?? Not another article about time again!!  

"Well there's 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in a hour, 24 hours in a day, so that means there are 86,400 seconds in a day."


I apologize for the length/informality/lackadaisical nature of this post, however I am doing my best to keep my SMART New Years Resolution which is to post every week for the whole year of 2016.


For those of you that aren't current with my everyday life, it's been quite a hectic few weeks.


-Enrolling (the administrative process is actually quite grueling) and beginning two online courses (to FINALLY finish my Bachelor's Degree)

-working a large sum of hours at a local restaurant (I highly advise those in the area to come by and check it out.. Crown 116) The food is phenomenal, the staff is unparalleled and the atmosphere is simply divine.

-interviewing for a new full time job (which I am absolutely ecstatic to be starting this upcoming Monday)

-attending orthodontist appointments, and adding a bottom row of metal brackets to my mouth to solidify my two year relationship with #bracefacebrad  (690 days ago to be exact)

-returning to The Powerhouse Gym (okay so I went on my ONLY day off this week AND I was there for 5 hours so...I mean c'mon.)

-tending to my personal friendships/group chats and relationships with family members(it's rather difficult to do so when you get out of work and everyone is already asleep!)

I don't know how I am finding the time to write this article(as I simultaneously do laundry and attempt to complete my homework for the week). Hence why it is being published at 4:45 AM (I wrote the article in 30 minutes: take that time-management)

Bottom Line here is this: we need to look at our lives more holistically.

Something that stuck with me through all the years of school was that of the Holistic Life Wheel (this model can be fine tuned and detailed to be more specific to your own person life, however I believe this to be a great rendering of the basic model:

Rainbow Life Wheel that designates how efficient you've been spending your time using with personal growth, contribution, rest/recreation, love, family, social/friends, health/fitness, finance/wealth, business/career/studies, self-image, spirituality

This is such an absolutely powerful model, that I remember it all the way back to my Health Science 101 course (probably about 6 years ago).


I can go on for days with this subject but with less than twelve hours until I return to work, I must keep this as short and sweet as possible. As I'd mentioned, I am keeping this segment to be written in under 30 minutes so please excuse my dear aunt sally. (PEMDAS joke). All jokes aside, please forgive me if you don't feel that this was an adequate article.


Challenge: Share this post with someone that may need to be introduced to this holistic time model concept. Are you efficiently budgeting your time to achieve the ratings that you aspire to achieve? In what areas are you lacking? In what areas are you excelling? Let us know below!


Have a great weekend!