No Matter How Positive - No One is Immune to Poor Customer Service


Another Saturday in Paradise

Happy Saturday to everyone out there, I hope all you millennial heads are having a great day.


The Journey Begins

Saturday Morning for me had been pretty frustrating. I spent the good part of the day tracking down a package that should have been delivered yesterday but was returned to the Post Office and deemed un-deliverable. I was trying to fix the tailgate on my vehicle so that I can access the trunk without climbing through the backseat (having flashbacks of my old '93 not a 94' Jeep' #RonnieJones)

After running to two different locations before their closing time,  dealing with what seems to be useless 100% automated customer service hot-line, I had finally received the information that the package would be out for delivery again today.

Edit: the package was finally received (after an unruly mail carrier dropped the package off - he just doesn't like his job! he told me!!)

I guess things could be worse though, at least I'm not licking my wounds from the all out attack last Friday Night.

There's a few takeaways from today's experience:

  1. Always be reminded that although we may not be able to control what happens TO us, we CAN CONTROL HOW WE RESPOND TO THEM.
  2. We all grow frustrated at work sometimes and are forced to meet unreasonable expectations and goals but deliberately choosing a career path as opposed to "taking the job that was available" will allow you to truly buy into the ideologies and mission statement of your life's work!