TV the Unsung Hero: How TV Can Inspire Personal Behaviors?


"Beat the Piss Out of 'Em..."

I write with a bit of a bias here today. As the author and creator of a personal development/self improvement blog - as you would suspect I'm a huge fan of the whole reality sports document genre...

I know that we're not happy to admit this but let's face facts - television influences personal behaviors. That's why I make the argument that despite the stigma's of TV, it can actually positively affect your personal decision making.

One summer break during college, I binged an entire multi-season marathon of MTV's Two-A-Days only to return to school looking for any and all outlets to release my rediscovered passion and longing for competitive athletics. With Coach Rush Prospt's voice taunting my dreams, I decided that I would try out for my school's Club Hockey team.

As my anxiety and fear of failure set in, Coach Propst was there to reassure me from my doubts- "Beat the piss out of them."

With my limited exposure to hockey, and after three late night tryouts (thanks for the car @labelleian -couldn't have done the 90 minute commute without your wheels!!) unfortunately I did not make the team. Coach Propst still believes in me though - he's never left my side, even through the ups and downs of my hockey career with the @warhawkshockey hockey club.

As corny as it may seem, the emotions and passion that I witnessed by the players, and coaching staff of the Two-A-Days inspired me to make a change in my own life. It helped me to establish the strength to go through with my commitment.

"I guess I'll just play in the NFL"

After just finishing the Season Premiere of HBO Series: Hard Knocks, it goes without saying that my passion for the genre has been refueled. I can't get enough of the coach/player interactions and watching the hard work that these professional athletes have to put in day after day. It reaffirms the commitment to the ultimate goal.

Do you think that any of the players on the LA Rams "just ended up" on professional football as a career path? Highly doubtful.

Do you think that any of these players doubted themselves along the way? You bet your bottom dollar.

Yet still, their devotion is relentless. Everyday- another test of their undying dedication to their craft. They all manifested their dreams and now everyday it's their job to defend them.