Chicago Cubs Crowned World Champions - Break 108 Year Curse


Soo How about Them Chicago Cubs Huh?

Hate to say I told you so but the Chicago Cubs pulled it off!! (Read more about the 3 Takeways From Chicago Cubs NLCS Win)

And they did it in absolutely dramatic fashion.

Doubting Thomases Beware... of the Bear.

As people often do while watching any professional sporting event, they start to over-speculate. They begin to think that they know the game better than they actually do. Let's stick to spectating folks! No one is asking you what you would do in the bottom of the sixth inning in a game 7 because you've never been there and it quite simply comes down to the fact that you don't know how to #manifestit

Here's some random baseball pictures of me because I want you to know that I played tee-ball and I have enough baseball experience to know a good team when I see one. I called this outcome from the minute they won the NLCS.. just saying. I told you so.

I'm pretty sure my career batting average is like .049 and that includes tee-ball, but nonetheless look at this swagger!:

picture of three young children at baseball game, holding souvenir bats and one is giving ears to cousin

young t-ball star Andrew Massaro Rookie Trading Card












The Recipe to Their Success??

No matter how many curve-balls life throws at you (pun intended), there's ALWAYS a way to win.

Doesn't matter if you

  • go into extra innings in a Game 7 after you blow a 5-1 lead in the middle of the game


  • you've gotten swept in the National League Championship series the previous year (and not to mention being outscored 21-8 in that series).

Bottom line is..

The only time that you lose your chance to win is when you stop believing in yourself.

Don't stop believing. In yourself. Not the Journey song. But that's also a good song.


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