How to Create Snapchat User Lists


Snapchat: The App of the Millennials - AOL Instant Messenger 2.0

I'm telling you... this Snapchat app ain't goin nowhere


In this week's episode of the Manifest Millennial video series we will be discussing a tactic that I formulated to create a more efficient way to organize my friend list on Snapchat. In this episode we discuss how to customize your friend list by beating the system here.

As a seasoned veteran of the app (and a self-proclaimed #snapmaster #snapgamenutty), I have always had insights on how to enhance the app, and make it more accessible to its users. I have been saying all along that the developers should incorporate a list feature to make it easier to send snaps and I believe that they're headed in the right direction of development as you can see here.


With that being said...

It still takes longer to select the people from your Snapchat friends list than to actually create the snap itself..So here's my quick fix: