Not Just Another New Years Resolution Article


2017: Threat or Opportunity?

It appears that the answer is totally up to you...


If you want 2017 to be an exciting year, design it that way."

Jenny Blake, Author of "Pivot" & former Google Career Coach


If learning about how to develop a S.M.A.R.T New Years Resolution doesn't float your fancy, maybe you can give these a shot:

Mind Maps

..and with the new 'Less is More' philosophy I'm bringing with me into 2017 and beyond.. here's an animated picture that I stole from the original article..

Break Out the Crayola's...

Because it's time to get creative..

2017 Mr Manifest Mind Map - Set Goals - Resolutions - Dreams - Manifest it

I scraped this one together in 10 minutes just to give you an example - I spared the illustrations and fun designs that I'm going to do on my real conceptual mapping for 2017


Bottom line is not only is exercise SIMPLE but it's FUN!

Thanks to 2016!

Thanks to everyone:

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On to 2017.

As always  - Manifest it.