Election Day: How the Frick Do I Make Up My Mind?


If You Haven't Seen All These Videos, It's Election Day!


It's November 8th and we're all ready to exercise our right to vote. As the famous actors say, "This election is very important!"

Oh crap, I don't know who to vote for! What Do I Do!?

It's easy just look up your favorite actor and see who they're voting for and then vote for that candidate. It's just easier than actually researching the policies and stuff like that.

I'm totally kidding.

Even if you're completely in the dark about the issues at hand, this tool asks you 20 questions all being formatted on a scale of completely agree-completely disagree.

At the end of the test it asks you to rank the policies in question and which ones are most important to you. The test will give you a few visual maps to align you with both major presidential candidates and which ones align with your responses to the questions.

Click here to take the quiz now!

Although I don't think that you should make a rash decision on a candidate via this tool without doing any previous research, it definitely helps clarify some confusion you may have on the current policies and campaign issues at hand.

Oh Wow, That's Great but I'm Not Even Registered! What Do I Do?

Check out the site for information on same day voting:

Click here to learn your state's policy on same day registration.



Listen to the famous actors out there to get out and vote. I appreciate their willingness to voice their opinions on the candidates that they support however, please do not let one actor or actresses opinion sway your decision merely because you like them in their role as Walter White in Breaking Bad. I'm not discrediting anyone, I'm just saying that we should be looking to make decisions on how candidates view policies, not how actors feel about candidates.

Bryan Cranston and Jesse Pinkman await the results of the presidential election in their hasmat suits while drinking beer


I'm going with my own campaign for this year: Let's Make Positivity Sexy again!!

Happy Election Day Folks! Keep Calm and Manifest It!!


I wonder who Shia is voting for! :)

Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Gif with Manifest branding - buy tee shirt call to action