EXCLUSIVE: Video of Pokemon Go Fanatic FREAKOUT

I hate to expose my buddy here but in a bit of rage he sums up the theme of"time wasting" that is at the very core of this game. Don't get me wrong, I play this game as well - but my buddy showcases the pure passion- the blood, sweat and tears that lies within every aspiring Pokemon trainer out here. The razor sharp focus on becoming "the

Imagine if we were able to harness this passion and dedication into something worthwhile.. just food for thought.

During my laughing tantrum I was able to capture this one video (and this doesn't even do the experience justice):

The following is another account of this experience (NSFW- contains multiple boisterous profanities):



Also, here is a picture of this freak's eye .. kid popped a fricken blood vessel:

Picture of man popped blood vessel in eye.

Personally, I think this is all just karma for when he tried to kick an Eevee (I was able to capture the Pokemon in my PokeBall before contact was made):

Today's Takeaways:

1. Remember your passwords and your account usernames and always reach out to a friend if you ever experience any rage caused by  accidentally deleting your Pokemon Go! account - a good friend will coach you through it.

2. Don't "waste time" on activities that you'll look back on and regret.

Use your time efficiently and effectively because we only have a finite amount of it. Be deliberate with your everyday activities and realize that you have the choice of how to spend your time