Fake It Till You Make It


Sunday Scaries In Full Effect

Posted up in a local Dunkin Donuts at 12:45PM on a Sunday Afternoon with nothing else but a laptop at 19% battery life and a small cup full of ice from my mediocre at best Iced Dark Roast Coffee. After the second cup of coffee though, I'm not gonna lie I've got a nice mixture of jitters, high levels of generalized anxiety and a lingering headache from the hangover that I'm milking. Nothing that another 'Hair of the dog' won't help out but not before I finish this post..

Blogger AJ Massaro Putting In Work at local Dunkin Donuts - "Whatcha doin?" "...Blogging."


The unwelcoming looks of judgment from the crew members are really throwing me off my game.  Its almost as if I can read their minds - silently rising the question:

"What task is so important that you need to bring a laptop to Dunkin Donuts on a Sunday Morning?"

And to that I say to you Nashalee C.,

"I'm a blogger - you just don't know the lifestyle"

The Mystery Man of DD

It felt a little strange...Sitting there knowing that the other customers and crew members alike, stared in curiosity - "What is he really doing?.. Who does that! Go to a Library- or at LEAST a Starbucks!" -Jerry Seinfield Voice


As I sat there on pins and needles - Anxiety levels at an all time high, that's when it hit me. A moment of clarity.

A self-realization came over me: The power I gained from simply sitting there on my computer,made me feel important, almost as if to re-affirm my efforts of writing..An ever popular strategy combining confidence, strength and a little bit of apathy:

Fake it till you make it.

This Certainly applies to Tom Merola, calling me out on Snapchat. I commend him but again, let's talk when he gets more than 100 Snapchat Story views..

Official AJ Massaro Press Release via Snapchat

And for more on our Snapchat Feud (and I use that word loosely just to try to give this kid Tom Merola the benefit of the doubt..) Add me on snapchat: @ayjzzle

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