A Five-Year Plan for the Typical 'Bro' Within - Suh Dude!!

Five Year Plan for the Bro's! (Sick Brah!!)

Sorry ladies, this article is directed towards the "bro's" out there (but keep reading, you're going to get an AWESOME insight to change your perspective on an important matter in the path of your life's success.)

As you'll learn to find out later in the week (that's right! I'll be posting a follow up to this blog post later in the week and link it back once it's posted), some of us Millennials are intimidated, the 5 year plan.

We Like Sports and We Don't Care Who Knows

(Reference to The Lonely Island for all my Andy Sandberg fans.)

Just in time for tomorrow's outdoor NHL game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings, as well as the approach of the league's Monday Trade Deadline,

As I was leaving work today, I turned on the NHL talk radio in my car. My ears have been affixiated to the speakers on my morning and evening commutes this past week as I have giggled like a giddy school-aged choir girl awaiting the recess bell while I bask in the trade rumors of the leagues last few days leading up to the deadline.


Five-Year Plans are LAME-O!!

I digress - my major point is this. For all you bro's out there that are scared to commit to a five year plan, or you think it's 'lame' to do so, here's the newsflash. Also - on the same note- to all those people that question what this blog is all about- this encapsulates it perfectly:

You're not going to reach the Eiffle Tour by reading a map of the backroads of Western Germany. If you're going to truly reach your potential, and reach a state of self actualization: You need to have a 5 year plan. You NEED me. You can't succeed without my guidance. Without a doubt.

Got a little carried away there-what else is new.

Here's the meat:

I thought to myself during my traffic ridden commute home: What if instead of having a dreaded five-year plan, I simply envisioned it as a five-year contract with myself.

 So! There it is. Visualize the five year plan as a contract with your all time favorite team: You, Yourself and I!

Here is an infographic I made that should help the process:


Infographic on the length of careers professional sports athletes vs. blue/white collar workers

5 year contract The Take-Away:

-Pretend that when you're planning your 5-Year Plan that instead of "planning your life" or your career or whatever you're so scared of:

Also, I promised you some suh-dude.. so here here is!

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