Thank GOD It's Friday #1


You've made it to yet another Friday.


Today I just wanted to share one of my favorite columns from the very successful, satirical blog : Post Grad Problems : a mere peg on the Grandex conglomerate alongside sites like Total Frat Move, Total Sorority Move. The true value of this site is not yet realized because they haven't taken over the scene as well as the Barstool Enterprise, however I digress.

At the end of the day, the Grandex Company is "..everything I'm not and everything I am- [They're] the whole package." (In the words of the great Michael G. Scott).

[Insert Gif: "I'm laughing on the outside and crying on the inside"]

Without Further Adieu:

This is an amazing daily post called MORNING COFFEE THOUGHTS (which coincidentally debuted on my birthday this year) is the perfect mixture of

  • Humor
  • Motivation
  • Laughter


the whole caps lock thing is PHENOMENAL. This guy Ross has got it down:

Morning Coffee Thoughts to get you through Friday


Click the picture OR the link here if you'd like to read more of the article.


The Friday Silver Lining

I mean it's cool, that site rocks.. I'm not envious or anything.. Yeh, they've got a few great writers...

I may or may not have tried to poach one of them during a brief hiatus.

It didn't go well.


Let us not forget about that time that I inadvertently blew smoke up the Grandex CEO's behind and he liked my comment on :

Grandex CEO Likes my comment


So negotiation relations between Manifest Millennial and Grandex Inc. .. Yeh, I'd say they're getting pretty serious...

Kip enjoying a milkshake on a brisk Friday Afternoon after work.

Happy Friday Folks!

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Turn on a little Michael Bublé and bring me back "Home" (wow, great reference! this kid is on fire today!)