Thank GOD It's Friday #2: VLOG SERIES


Friday..Friday.. Gotta Get Down on Friday

(Cue Rebecca Black's "Friday" Song) Is that song still relevant? No? Well just for the record: At the time of this posting, the YouTube Video has 105,403,737 views.

Maybe we should seize the opportunity and write a song about How To Make Mondays NOT Suck. Regardless, She's Doin' Something Right..Now Let's Celebrate that:

it's Fri-FRICKEN-YAY!!


Welcome Back Folks. We Made It.

Ahh the end of another week...

As we like to start all mornings, please refer to today's Post Grad Problems: Morning Coffee Thoughts (Ross Bolen) to really get the success fumes:




(Was going to go with the Percolator song but this was too good to pass up.)


Here Comes The Snow (Do Do Do Do)

(Beatles Reference here people, please keep up..) For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in New England, we're in for a visit from good ol' Reggie (The Snow Storm)

Shoutout to Harvey from Hey Arnold:

(We hear you brother!)


Now for Today's MAIN EVENT

Today's VLOG will really put it all into perspective.

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If you've got something to say, say it to my face.. Or maybe just in the comments, I'd like to sip on a little Hatorade today.

Happy Friday Folks!

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Turn on a little Michael Bublé and bring me back "Home" (Wow, great reference! this kid is on fire today!)