You Get One At-Bat - Never Settle for Anything. Ever.

You may be asking yourself, is this article a cry for help? And the answer? Quite Possibly... Most times we make decisions thinking that we live forever.

I'll never forget one night in college, I got some of the best advice I'd ever received in my life from a peer. At the time, I was having an overall hard time with pretty much every decision I had faced in my life. During the conversation, I heard the words:

"Whatever you do, never settle." NEVER! - T.R. MEROLA

I felt like someone punched my soul and hit me hard.

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Fear clouds our reality and drives our decisions. We look for comfort to escape feelings of anxiety and find relief from the (at least I do, I dunno about you). Check this video out to get what i'm sayin:


On a somewhat completely unrelated but still decently relevant train of thought, here is a list of notable Snapchat usernames that will make you motivate you to chase your dreams even more

AJ's Top 3 Snapchatters of the Week

  1. The one. The only. Johnny Fricken Mays - John Mayer
  2. @johnthekangaroo - John Mayer - The man is touring with the Grateful Dead members:  Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann. Coupled with his witty humor and "I'm still trying to win my fans back from my public meltdown." attitude - this is an absolute recipe for Snapchat success

2. @dillonfrancis - Dillon Francis - DJ Extraordinaire - Combine high energy, hilarious characters, and sprinkle in a little personal promotion for his music, this guy will have you side-texting your friends "Did you see Dillon's snap?!"

3. Nick 'The Suh Dude' Colletti @Nick