3 Tips to Get the FUNK Outta Your Rut


 "If you don't like my music.. you don't have to use it."

This line sums it up for me: Don't let others bring you down. Remember that you're solely responsible for your own life.

For those that don't get the DOUBLE reference...Will Farrell in Semi Pro (Music by The Brothers Johnson):


Tips to Get The Funk Outta Your Rut:

It's easy to get burnt out quick when you're so hard on yourself. Here are my quick tips to get outta your rut like the one I was in the past few weeks:

1. Coffee

I obstained from it yesterday on another Monday From Hell and I can tell you that my 9AM Coffee today is doing wonders for me. There's nothing like a little mind-alterning substance to get the creative juices flowing..

2. Set a Goal

It doesn't have to be a SMART one (although it sure helps). Get (SH)It Done.

For example: Today I set two specific goals (this post being one of them) and I can now sleep easy tonight knowing that I've reached one of my goals for the day.

3. Do Something That Makes You Feel Good

For me, this ranges from anything to playing guitar, going to the golf driving range, to going to the gym, going for a run... and obviously blogging.

(having a beer with the boys is also another one)

The real key here is to focus on how you feel. Getting your spirits up is highest priority to get a taste of the joy that you'd been missing out on. Look on the Brightside of things (S/O @joeyjules)

And Yes, Arturo X., we're talking about feelings again..

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