How to Make Mondays NOT Suck #28


How to Make Mondays NOT Suck is a strategic and sometimes satirical mini-series that will make your Mondays less ...sucky. If this is your first time embarking on a Make Mondays NOT Suck (#MMNS) journey, we suggest that read this first. With that being said, let's face it- we all know that Mondays Suck!

Monday Tweet of the Day

Today we're starting out with the tweet of the day, tweeted by yours truly:

Why Does This Monday Suck? (Click here to tell us why yours does!)

Again overwhelmed with the amount of work in the office, not knowing where to start and burning the candle at both ends can really take its toll mentally on ya.

This week's weather outlook up here in New England is all rain which is great for #FreeCarWashes and it won't be as hot but that means I won't be able to get out on the links, so that's upsetting.

While we're talking golf, let's recap this past weekend and how I lost three of my golf clubs. I'm lackadaisical and too busy dreaming about Manifest's Next Big Thing when I should be focused on picking up my clubs, but you know how I'm manifesting it?

I'm telling myself "I needed a new set of clubs anyways.."

How to Make Mondays NOT Suck THIS WEEK















So although we've exhausted the the high from buying new socks from two weeks ago,  been improving our sleeping habits via the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock/App, and still sleeping on very crisp/refreshing sheets.. we're ALWAYS looking to improve our Mondays.. That's why this week we're...

Sprinting Errands Before Work

( 'sprinting' = a more intense version of "running" errands) 

local celebrity runs errands before work to Make Mondays NOT Suck

As in the past, we've experimented with doing an early morning run (#MMNS #18) and even getting to the gym before work (#MMNS #12),  there seems to be some overlap here but this is more TASK oriented, ya know running to the drugstore/dropping off blank t-shirts kind of stuff.

SUPER-Charge Your Day

Think about all the small tasks you have to do throughout your day? The two minute rule is certainly a good strategy but when it compounds into the two hour rule, it becomes just as overwhelming as the work you need to complete at your day job. You may find yourself in these scenarios:

  • Waiting in line for the gas pump, "This is BS, I shouldn't have to do this, I should be relaxing..."
  • Waiting in line for medications at the drug store, "Dr. Matt is really cool and super knowledgeable about trivia, but can he stop talking to Ms. Rudabaker about 18th Century Germany?!"
  • Waiting in line at the Grocery Store, "I mean, let's be honest, I love meal prepping and fit-fam but the Wendy's number 6 add cheese no tomato, sub baked potato for fries is a healthy balance of vegetables and lean meats. It's convenient and then I don't have to do dishes or shop. [drops basket and runs to Wendy's]"

This Strategy ISN'T For the Faint of Heart...

It takes grit to wake up an hour earlier to be more productive. 

It doesn't take grit. Just stop crying about 'how life always happens to you' and #Manifestit!

It's all about prioritizing what NEEDS to be done over what you WANT to be done.

I'm merely here to open up your mind and suggest creative strategies for you to make your days better... go figure right?

In Conclusion:

Stop being a baby and plan your errands before work.

I don't care if the DMV doesn't open until 9AM. Make it work.

That's All Folks!

And don't forget to vent to us about why your Monday Sucks, because just like this tweet (follow us on twitter here) describes, we STILL think that Mondays generally suck.

Shooters shoot, and closers close. Go out there and crush this week.

You're right. Now take me back to the Make Mondays NOT Suck Archives

"Nah I'm good, take me back to Manifest!"