How To Make Mondays NOT Suck #44


How to Make Mondays NOT Suck is a strategic and sometimes satirical mini-series that will make your Mondays less ...sucky. If this is your first time embarking on a Make Mondays NOT Suck (#MMNS) journey, we suggest that read this first. Because let's face it, as optimistic as we may be, we still think that Mondays Suck


Why Does This Monday Suck? (Click here to tell us why yours does!)

After a beautiful NFL Week 1 Sunday Funday, hitting the pillow last night was accompanied by a major onset of the Sunday Scaries. Falling asleep with your phone in your hand and your light on was the least of your problems. Waking up at 6AM to a half full, luke warm Gatorade realizing that "Oh no, it's Monday."



You've come to the realization that after setting 27 minutes worth of "3 more minutes" of sleep (yes, that's 9 mini snoozes for all of those out there trying to do the math in your head), that you're officially addicted to sleep. No worse way to start off your week than by facing your newly discovered addiction (or in this case, submitting to its demons)


But hey let's look on the bright side (because that's what we're all about):

Let's get the week started by taking a moment to re-align our long-term goals. Treat this week as a small step in the right direction towards truly living your BEST life.

What three things are you doing this week to get you closer to your dreams?

Comment below! This is what we're working on:

  1. Designing new merchandise (let us know what YOU want!)
  2. Improving the website to optimize customer experiences (let us know how to improve!)
  3. Developing an online portal for our #MillennialHeads to easily browse/window-shop/purchase all #Merch Manifest Millennial

The next holiday we've got is Thanksgiving Weekend!!  and it's ONLY 70 days away!! (which also marks our 2 year anniversary here at Manifest Millennial LLC)


We're all just trying to find what really makes happy, that's why along the ride we're helping you #MakeMondaysNOTsuck !


How to Make Mondays NOT Suck THIS WEEK

Baby learning how to Make Mondays NOT Suck by going to the gym during lunch

Mid-Day Gym Session (Going to the Gym at Lunch)

We know what you're thinking: Oh wow, now this Manifest guy is on a health kick and is here to shame me into the fact that the last exercise I had was walking to the fridge for another Bud Light or Spiked Seltzer during the Giants Cowboys game last night..

aw man!!

And we know, back in Make Mondays NOT Suck #12 and Make Mondays NOT Suck #18 we already visited similar topics, but we're here to tell you, that this one is an absolute GAME-CHANGER.

Spongebob Makes Mondays NOT Suck by working out during the workday.

Benefits include:

  • A mid-day endorphin induced high
  • Potential for a sick Instagram Swole Sesh/Mirror Pic with the #MakeMondaysNOTsuck
  • A HUGE boost in self-efficacy
  • A better half of the day (Imagine coming back to work after an intense workout to grind out the last few hours in the office?)
  • Boosted Productivity
  • More free time at the end of the day!

Strategies for Action

  • Find a gym close-by your work and go pump some iron.
  • Develop a workout plan well in advance so that you have some thing to work off of - Our suggestion is to stick to exercises that you're comfortable with since you're on a time crunch
  • Pack your bag the night before with everything you'll need for the workout and the shower afterwards (don't go back to work smelly)
  • Have a plan for your Post-Workout meal - don't forget that you need to replenish your depleted body!
  • #Gainz baby!! (Not a strategy, but still - #Gainz)

Further Reading:

Don't have time? No Excuses - Make Time.


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