How to Make Mondays NOT Suck: Mini Series #5


How To Make Mondays NOT Suck is a strategic and sometimes satirical mini-series that will make your Mondays less ...sucky. (But let's be honest, nothing can get worse than this Monday From Hell) Mondays are ALL about momentum. Previous to the figurative punch that your asinine [insert default iPhone alarm tone name here] alarm clock delivers to your face, you have absolutely NO momentum for the week whatsoever. In fact, after the four dopamine-induced snoozes that you slap down, you're basically operating at NEGATIVE momentum. In search of positive momentum, you race the clock to go through your mundane yet essential morning ritual- going through your mental checklist to make sure you don't forget anything. The shot clock is ticking and you have the ball, do you have what it takes to drain the shot? Nope. You left your phone on the charge and don't realize it until you pass your old middle school. Time to turn around.

Note: I use the word Monday as a loose framework for the day that starts your work-week- My office just so happens to start the week today, on an actual Monday. Don't be discouraged to apply this to your own personalized workweek, and I'm deeply sorry if everyone else's Friday is your Monday- That really sucks..

So Why Does This Monday Suck?

So last Monday, we were talking about how it may be one of the LEAST suckiest Mondays of the year.

  • Fast forward a whole week later and we're faced with possibly the polar opposite end of the spectrum: Historically, one of the worst Mondays of the year.

Not only am I STILL recovering from my recent trip to Nashville (I know, enough is enough already- it's been like three weeks already) but I am also compounding those negative feelings with the realization that I will be trapped in an office for the next five days straight (after enjoying a full five days of straight leisure).


Okay, But How Do I Make THIS Monday Not Suck?! What's the Solution This Week?

Today We're Talking Cyber Monday - Retail Therapy

Now, I'm not one to advocate materialism or even claim that tomorrow's Amazon Prime delivery will serve all of your problems..

but - let's be honest, what better way to re-acclimate your body to reality than to numb the pain with a little bit of Retail Therapy all from the comfort of your own work desk?

THAT's why this Monday's Theme is to (again):

One Strategy to make Mondays Not Suck: Treat yo self: Donna and Tom Haverford exchanging in a wonderful Treat Yo Self Ritual from Parks and Recreation


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And As ALWAYS. We Want to Hear From YOU!

How do YOU make your Mondays Not Suck? We only have so many strategies and rely on the viewers to keep us pumping with ideas.

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