Ice Rink Closed For the Winter


Say It Ain't So!!

As an avid hockey fan, and pick up hockey enthusiast, when I heard the news of our Ralph Walker Rink 's doors closing for this 2016-17 winter season - I was absolutely devastated.

It hadn't been a week since I sent out feelers and pitched to a few group chats that we may be looking to start a B-Division affiliate for our Division A Men's League Team: New Haven Warhawks. The plan was to get the legs going down at Ralph Walker Rink and prep the B-Division prospects for their inaugural season.

What Does Hockey Mean to The Community?

I can go on about how much the sport of hockey has taught me about:

  • life,

  • friendships,

  • relationships,

  • work ethic

  • confidence

  • and how important it has been to my own personal development


At the end of the day the only reason I asked you here is to:

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