Instagram's Grand Slam of an Update: Instagram Story Feature


What the Heck is Going on with Instagram?

Okay so now that you've crawled out from beneath your rock.. or in my case..your cubicle.. you've probably noticed your recently updated Instagram now has a bunch of floating avatars of some of your friends at the top (hopefully @manifestmillennial is one of them!). So here's the #411. Instagram has decided to step it up big time here by introducing the Instagram Story feature.

Dating way back to the first creation of Friendster, users have been duping their fellow peers with deceitful depictions of false reality. Commonly referred to as the Myspace Angle, social media users have been "posting their most polished selfies, sunsets and meals" since before your time.

What Does This Update Mean To Me?!

Whether you like it or not, your Instagram account just got a whole lot more personal! With the Story feature, gone are the days of tinkering with the saturation levels on your perfectly angled selfie.

As a user of Instagram, you will also now be able to tap into your unlimited creative talent that was once exclusive to just Snapchat! Shy of the infamous sponsored GeoTags/Face Alterations, the Instagram Story feature is a dynamic clone the original Snapchat Story tool.

Previously, Snapchat's biggest strength was it's ability to capture in real time and ability to share this moment with anyone with access to your Snapchat handle.

Sometimes even more accessible than the native Camera app itself (doubling as your phone's primary camera when you'd received this message:)

Iphone: Cannot take Photo Prompt


Enough About Snapchat- Mr. Millennial, What Do You Think About This Update??

We LOVE the new Instagram- It's everything Snapchat has already perfected but with now available to a broader audience.

We're really interested in see how both companies respond to this update. For the end user, this competition really opens up the possibilities for future features on both platforms. It will definitely be interesting "story" We're excited to see it unfold.

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Special thanks to my teammate, and business associate @ad_stevens for suggesting this article as well as the @warhawkshockey group chat for facilitating this conversation!


What are your thoughts on the new update? What do you think the direction of Instagram and Snapchat will look like a month from now? 6-months from now?