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"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do."- Voltaire

In the case of All He Did Not Do v. Andrew Massaro - Defendant: NOT GUILTY

Luckily, today CEO and Senior Editor/Writer Andrew Massaro was not guilty of the good that he did not do.

What Happened?

After hearing word that local Ice Skating Rink (Ralph Walker/ Blake Field Rink in New Haven, CT), Andrew started a petition to let the New Haven City Public Works Department that the decision to close the rink was not favorable and that the New Haven community would not stand for it.

Extra Extra! Read All About It! Local Blog Makes Big Splash!

Weeks have passed since the forming of the petition, a letter to the New Haven Public Works Department, asking them to reconsider the decision to close the rink. Our efforts seemed to be looking grim, receiving word from an undisclosed inside source "we're working on it" and "This isn't the end of this issue just yet."

Flash Forward to Today:

Waking up Sunday Morning to a stream of texts, Facebook notifications and pictures of the New Haven Register was a bit overwhelming and distracting - especially on #WarhawksGameDay but the news that we had made the New Haven Register (local newspaper) was absolutely humbling!

To think that we had made such a big splash in the New Haven community that we made the front page of the Local News Section put me in an instant state of Euphoria, especially when the hope for opening the rink has been looking grim.

What Do the Locals Have to Say?

We were fortunate enough to have Senior Photographer/Videographer: Lou Massaro on the scene to capture Live footage of some local opinions on the issue:

Viewing the video below, skipping to: 8:00 , 8:45 and 11:05 and , 11:41 is a small sample size of the communities' feelings about the issue:

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