How to Make Mondays NOT Suck #26


How to Make Mondays NOT Suck is a strategic and sometimes satirical mini-series that will make your Mondays less ...sucky. If this is your first time embarking on a Make Mondays NOT Suck (#MMNS) journey, we suggest that read this first. With that being said, let's face it- we all know that Mondays Suck!

Why Does This Monday Suck? (Click here to tell us why yours does!)

You feel like you've aged 10 years in the past 6 months, and you've grown a whole dozen number of gray hairs after witnessing the New York Rangers blow yet another late game lead to lose two games in very poor fashion. On top of that, your wrist still hurts after a gorgeous weekend of hitting the sticks out on the links and although you went on a midnight drive to enjoy some loud music and the beautiful weather, you now find yourself sifting through the pile of work on your desk with a ruler and without any idea of where to start.

Dwight uses a ruler to sift through Jim's work

Mini Strategy of the (mon)Day:

This one is SO important we thought we would include it for the second week in a row.

For those interested in making a move towards a more flexible way of living... This is YOUR article. (Those Millennials, they're SO crazy!)


"How are so many people able to go out and do what they want? Do they even work?"

The answer to the latter is YES.. In fact, most are actually working harder than we think!

Thanks to our REMOTE friend Steven Cicalese (Co-Founder of AMZ Advisers), we are able to understand the startup process, extensively outlined below in his article:

6 Steps to Building a Remote Freelancing Career in 2017

Hands participating in the structuring of "Self Made" to encourage those that Make Mondays NOT Suck even better by introducing the Concept of Freelancing.

How to Make Mondays NOT Suck THIS WEEK

As always we like to start out with a quick peruse of today's Morning Coffee Thoughts from Post Grad Problems: ALL CAPS, satirical, tongue in cheek tonality and great mantras. You really cant go wrong here:

Today's Monday Morning Coffee Thoughts

For those of you that haven't given this series a chance yet, let's view the Morning Coffee Thoughts as a motivational boost to get the gears turning for the week...

...almost like this Patriots pre-game ritual (except substitute the beer cheers with a raising of your ceramic coffee mug) :

Here at Manifest Millennial we like to help others celebrate the "Simple Things". With that being said, today we're talking.....















Treat Yo-Self Edition #2: Underwear and Socks

Mr. Manifest Makes Mondays NOT Suck by purchasing New Socks and Underwear

WOW. Seriously Mr. Manifest?

You bet your bottom dollar! (P.S. Don't actually bet. Especially +1.5 on your favorite hockey team.)


I know what you're thinking. Initially you're reading and saying, this dude just turned his late night stop at Walmart into a lazy, last-minute article but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

This article was pre-meditated and NEEDED to be said. Let's look at all the benefits of these newly purchased investments:


  1. Convenience - You've just reduced 15 minutes from your Monday Morning Wake Up Routine. You no longer have to waste precious time matching socks from the clean laundry stacked on top of "the chair" in your room.
  2. Added Comfort - Since we've been playing a lot of golf lately, this only helps to strengthen our argument. Your feet are tired. Reward them with comfort this week.
  3. Restore Balance and Peace to Your Life - I cannot leave the house with mismatched socks, so having the next 12 days knowing I have clean socks ready for me is absolutely great peace of mind.
  4. Made in the Good 'Ol U. S. of A. - Always shop local when we can because we love giving people jobs (indirectly for now).. Also I have pics but this only applies to the socks, not sure about the undergarments here..
  5. "Self-Care" Challenge - Congruent with that of the "Treat Yo Self" mentality of Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec., Stacy Fisher-Gunn (Self-Care Coach) is suggesting this practice to be part of her "Self-Care Challenge"


  1. Convenience - As with socks, you've just reduced 15 minutes from your Monday Morning Wake Up Routine which adds up to 30 minutes to your morning routine.. Is "the chair" in your room still littered with long-sleeve tee's from last week's cold spell? That's alright deal with those later..
  2. Solid Foundations - If we could wear Bird-Dogs to work, we would. We're still settling in and doing the whole business casual thing. With that being said, putting on a brand new pair of under-garments really does set the tone for the day (Boxers/Briefs/Tighty-Whities - whatever floats your boat, we're accepting of all preferences)
  3. Ultimate hygiene - Again, nothing says "I'm ready for the challenges that arise today" like a brand new pair of undies.

In Conclusion:

Treat yo'self today. Start the week off fresh with a brand new pair of undergarments/socks to put the momentum of the week BACK in your court. Add convenience to your morning routine for the next few days by slapping on some new underFLAIR. (Reference to Office Space, again.. what else is new.)


Go Enjoy the simple things today and everyday. It's the best way to exercise our gratitude!

That's All Folks!

And don't forget to vent to us about why your Monday Sucks, because just like this tweet (follow us on twitter here) describes, we STILL think that Mondays generally suck.

Shooters shoot, and closers close. Go out there and crush this week.

You're right. Now take me back to the Make Mondays NOT Suck Archives

"Nah I'm good, take me back to Manifest!"