How to Make Mondays NOT Suck #42


How to Make Mondays NOT Suck is a strategic and sometimes satirical mini-series that will make your Mondays less ...sucky. If this is your first time embarking on a Make Mondays NOT Suck (#MMNS) journey, we suggest that read this first. Because let's face it, as optimistic as we may be, we still think that Mondays Suck


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Falling asleep after an amazing weekend of golf, friends, mini-road trips, ice cold beverages and great weather was an amazing feeling - except for the fact that we completely missed the Game of Thrones finale.

Despite summer coming to an end shortly, it feels as though this has been the longest day of the year. The end of Monday couldn't come soon enough!

Rest assured that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend!!  Merely days away!!



How to Make Mondays NOT Suck THIS WEEK

This image alone is giving us anxiety.

De-Clutter !

With the final weeks of Summer winding down to an end (and back-to-school week for many families), what better time than now to go through your old clothes and belongings and get rid of everything that you don't need?!

That's why this week's #MakeMondaysNOTsuck is all about getting DECLUTTERED !

Cal Clutterbuck of the New York Islanders De-clutters to Make Mondays NOT Suck

Physical clutter is a reminder of all the unfinished commitments we've made to the future. Start revamping the process by :

Taking Action!


Although this previous #MakeMondaysNOTsuck (Number 37) about cleaning your home was somewhat similar, this week's suggestion is more about taking the advantage of:

  1. The change in seasons (and temperatures - it's beginning to get a little more cold at night here in New England folks!)
  2. Packing for school/getting ready for another school year

Our strategy is as follows: We've got a ton of laundry to do, and since we're all about productivity this week - we're going to go full on DECLUTTER mode and get rid of stuff we don't need using the strategies below. But before we go, we'll leave you with a bit of Clarity that you can listen to why you declutter to stay motivated:

Strategies for Action:

The Four-Box Decluttering Method explained and more! 

This site should give you a better understanding of what to donate, sell and discard!


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