How Did This Small Company Get a Sponsorship on ESPN Sportscenter?!


Manifest Sponsorship on ESPN Sportscenter?

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"Wow, now this guy works for ESPN?!" 

"Pick a lane Guy!"

It's True.

I'm ALL over the place and I'm loving every second of it.

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Read This Quote:

" If you don’t have haters, you are not obsessed. If you don’t collect haters, you are doing nothing. If you don’t have haters, you are a threat to no one. A guaranteed indication that you are onto something and making this happen is getting and having haters.

                Your job is not to get along with haters. You don’t need to get rid of them or handle them. Your job is to stay obsessed with your obsessions until they are realized, and then obsess some more." - Grant Cardone, Be Obsessed or Be Average.

Thanks to my good friend Alex Stevens, one of my new idols as of late is Grant Cardone. I love Grant's story: he was an absolute trainwreck early in life- heavy into drugs and alcohol and had decided to rebuild his life from the ground up.

Grant is now worth upwards of 350 Million dollars all because he decided to become OBSESSED with the right things:

His intensity is admirable and his tenacity: razor-sharp

2+2=4.... but so does 3+1. Buying into the idea that there is only ONE way to do something stifles creativity. Mr Manifest


Plans of Action:

  • Adopt this attitude: "Go do it."
    • Nike. Manifest. Gary Vaynerchuck. Whatever you want to chase in life.. Go do it. "If there's a will, there's a way."
    • One of my clients had raised the idea of becoming a sports broadcaster. You know what I said to them? Manifest it! Get creative. I just made a video becoming a sports broadcaster. Put the Celtics game on and record a podcast of your own commentary. Someone will retweet it. I'll be the first.
  • Things get a lot easier when you take advice from people that have been there before. WE NEED to reach outside of your network/reality to learn new things about the way the world works. There's no better way to do that than to read.
  • As I had denoted in my New Years Plan:

    2017 Mr Manifest Mind Map - Set Goals - Resolutions - Dreams - Manifest it

    • I had committed myself to learn more about video editing. I have been dedicating a lot of my time to that very task. Pick an interest explore it and COMMIT to it. No one is holding you back.
      • I'm not even going to lie, it invigorates me to work on this kind of stuff.
      • I LOVE it.
    • Find something that you love to explore and you will be SO much more motivated to take the next step.

Just like Mondays - It's all momentum.


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