Mindfreak: What the FRICK Happened to My Google Search Results Page?!

Honestly...What is Going On With Google Search?

Before we get into the new debauchery that is the "New" Google search, let me just explain to you how my mind is operating right now. I'm lacking so much sleep lately that my brain went numb attempting to read back the first few attempts at writing this sentence.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this sentence:

"The man the professor the student has studies Rome."


One of those moments in time where your heart skips a beat and you just stare into space like:

Brain mode: automatic standby

So Google Search is Different Now?!

Let's set the scene.

Saturday Morning:

Wake up at 6AM EST for absolutely no reason at all (can you sense the utter frustration with my inability to sleep yet?). No coffee right now- staying away from caffeine - holding onto the possibility of getting back to sleep.

  • Open up a new tab (Shortcut: Command+T for Mac/Firefox Users)
  • Google Search: Manifest Millennial and I get this:

Manifest Millennial Google Search - Floating head of AJ Massaro pointing out new google search color

If you're like me, and are accustomed to the original - Blue text links on the standard Google Search Results page. And now this? Are you kiddin me?!

I feel like someone slapped an #Oreo out of my hand, mid-bite. Just someone walking by mid-bite and #threwitontheground. What a jerk.



Conspiracy Theory Explained:

So here's what I think happened - Manifest Millennial is taking the internet by storm and they hired me to write this article. They knew they could use me as their muse.

Here's the Reality:

Shout out to "bluequoll" for explaining the situation to me:

Bluequoll explains the reasoning behind the color change in google search engine results page

Dude is a straight animal, just laying knowledge left and right. Check out his awards here:

1,000 Best Answers and Top Contributor to Google Questions.


Does This Affect Me?

I dunno.. fricken Google it!!!

In all seriousness though, what's weird about this instance is that despite the fact that I am logged onto my Google+ account on both my laptop and my iPhone, this only affects my laptop. In other news, apparently on Thursday of this week, Google search inquiries on mobile devices have now surpassed remote desktop computing machines. So.. that's pretty big news for marketeers worldwide.

(Prestige Worldwide.. Worldwide.. Worldwide)


Sound Off: How do you feel about the new Google Search Page? Do you like the new formatting?