Mo' Money, Mo' Problems... #Movember


They're Ain't Mo' Betta Reason Than The Season (Of Giving)

In this case, Mo' money, Mo' problems does not hold true. In fact, Mo' Money means helping to improve the state of men's health.

Every year since 2003 during the month of November, the Movember Foundation has been raising awareness & charitable donations with the mission of improving the state of men's health as a whole. Here at Manifest Millennial we wholeheartedly believe in holistic, healthy and happy living (plus we love stashes so you can see how we can really get behind this one).

Whats the Cause?

While charitable donations are distributed across a wide spectrum of programs that address issues surrounding Men's Health, the most prominent for us here at Manifest Millennial are of these programs focused on improving men's mental health.

Personally the most prominent event that comes to mind in the realm of Men's Mental Health is the tragic passing of Robin Williams in 2014. When a stand-up comic known for his jubilant and energetic character roles loses a battle to depression, we can see that our society is in a very emergent state of affairs when it comes to mental health, especially in males.

As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression myself, as well as living with family members that had suffered from Alzheimer's disease, I am happy to support a cause that allocates funds to improve the advancement of men's mental health.

What Can I Do?!

We're asking those inspired to participate in this movement donate to my good friend Nick Cavallaro's Movember cause here:

Moustached man with bowtie representing #movember foundation page

So Now That You've Donated!

Fun Fact:

This article's title was inspired by my nickname for my Friend's Boston Terrier: Maurice (Maurice pictured below, named after none other than Hockey great, Maurice "Rocket" Richard #50in44 ) and let me tell you, he's as lively and crazy as his uncle (that's me, I'm an uncle to a dog).

French Bulldog pondering life out a windowMake sure you practice Gratitude This Week!