ND Class of 2008 Reunion Recap. Response to Last Nights Events


3 Best Moments from ND '08 Reunion

For those of you that don't know or didn't attend, last night was an informal gathering of a bunch of guys that I graduated high school with. The turnout was great and it's always great to get back in touch and catch up with the Boys!! #FTB #WTB

Thanks to my (almost) Insurance agent Jon Cawley for putting the event together. As always, he did a great job of organizing and coordinating (Except the fact that I'm pretty sure we're all still wondering: Is Bostic coming??!...).

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

1. Vine Sensation: 'Had Matter' on Premise Found Signing Autographs for Superfan 'Braceface Brad'

Yep that's right- we met back up with an internet personality that took the Vine scene by storm. In a day late and dollar short fashion, we met up with Vine Sensation: Matt Arciuolo (@Had Matter) to discuss our plights with the Vine app and it's scene.

Move over #BraceFaceBrad this guy went 10 times further and truly #manifested his Vine Career.

Rumors: Two of Vine's Hottest Stars: Braceface/Had Matter Collaboration?!




Conclusion: After reminiscing of the good times and the bad, we've both come to the conclusion that we're better off hanging up our hats (pun intended) and leaving the Vine game behind.

With that being said, there still is always that glimmer of hope that one day we'll dust off the old iPhone and get one more 7 second video out there..possibly even a collab!

2. John-John Beat Me in Darts

Darts Scoreboard: John Tomms beats Manifest Master in Darts

"Yo I was nasty at darts.. I remember I used to cheat when I played my Dad.. he would always catch me though.."

#BaptismBros #RideOrDie #TeamNoSleep #TNS

3. Local Bakery Owner/Operator Tells Us Why 'Manifest is Stupid' .. Or Does He?

I'll let the video tell the tale. Please excuse profanities as this video is Not Safe For Work #NSFW :

We were in a heated debate over his opinion about the blog and my instincts were to defend my ideas..I tried to keep my cool but my emotions may have gotten the best of me.

To give you some context, former classmate has been an avid follower of our blog here, (thank you again for following us in our journey!). With that being said, he also disagrees with a lot of our teachings and morals as a blog.

I respect his perspective value his opinions. After I got a hold of my emotions, I was able to delve a little deeper. He was reluctant at first to be on camera but eventually he caught the  I got some good feedback!!

I really look forward to speaking with this reader in the future- I'm thinking maybe a Podcast! Only time will tell so be on the look out for that.


Until then folks: You know what to do: Manifest it.

Question of the Week:

When was the last time your emotions got the best of you? What could you have done differently? What did you learn from your reactions?