Never Easy, Always Resilient

Muscular Man Rolling Rock up Hill/Cliff/Mountainside demonstrating the power and need to be resilient

It always seems to be an up-hill battle - two steps forward and one step back.

How Do YOU Respond to Life's Challenges?

In theory, we understand that the adversity we face on a daily basis builds our resilience, makes us stronger and helps to defines us as unique individuals. With that being said, the negative emotions that I've faced today still leave a bitter taste in my mouth, regardless of how positive my mindset may be.

It's not always easy - life never is - but at the end of the day, we'll look back and realize that all of the struggles that we've faced will have made us who we are.


Let us remind ourselves not to fall into an vicious cycle of negative emotions, but to simply feel the negative vibes for what they are, acknowledge their existence, and move on to the next moment to either formulate a solution, or accept the reality for what it is.

Drowning ourselves in a pool of our own turmoil will only stifle our growth. This moment is as fleeting as the last - and ONLY YOU have the power to respond to the adversity at hand (and prevent forest fires).


I'm dedicating this post to my younger sister Daniella whose birthday is today! (aside: this post is not directed towards her, however I'm grateful for the relationship that we've developed over the years and that we are able to be so open about real life talks like this one!) Love you Deeds!!