Millennials: Given the S#*& End of the Stick but Still Making the Best of It


We Are.. Literally.. The Worst

We know... trust me, we know all too well.. And while we're on the subject:

  • We're "always on our phones"
  • We're "lazy"
  • "All we do is talk about memes"
  • "Too much technology distracts us from things that actually matter"

(okay the last two are somewhat true - I just spent the past 10 minutes procrastinating this article playing an addicting new iPhone game - shoutout to Joey Buns)

See! Even Obama Approves of Memes


What is This Stupid Blog Post even About?

My good friend says it better than I could have.

Okay.. confession: I never met Brian and we're not friends.. yet..he still didn't respond to my LinkedIn request, but I know for sure that we'd get along well if ever properly introduced.

This article is about a 6-10 minute read and is full of information & fun facts about millennials that would have taken me hours to gather.

(Hint: click the picture of the google search to access the article):


And I know what you're thinking to yourself. Wow, AJ - you've really done it again.. While trying to defend millennials and make a case that as a generation, we are NOT lazy - you have set the record for the shortest blog post that you've ever posted... (speaking of setting records, have you read last week's benchmark setting post about my experience of learning that I didn't make the Real World?)

Sorry - just got the text: "Yo hop on chell" - the boys are waiting for me in the locker room @warhawkshockey - We've got some vids to play while people try to put us down.

In the meantime - Quit talkin' about "my Ge-Ge-Generation baby":