The End is Near... Actually... It's Over.


Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words...

The best ones to sum this one up:
I finally did it.

Confessional: (Yes I'm still bitter that I wasn't picked for The Real World.)

I'm usually pretty humble, but with that being said, the road to complete this degree has been the most grueling process that I have ever experienced in my life.
8 years later, here I stand: Bachelor Degree in hand.
So Friday marked the celebration of the completion of a goal. A goal that never was really mine - I never believed in it, but I did it nonetheless.
Every semester wore me down mentally, I fought tooth and nail to plead my case so that some of my General Education classes were able transfer. I met with multiple Deans, Advisors, Heads of Departments - you name them, I probably spoke with them.
I'd challenge anyone to find a contact in the School's Administration that had not received a thoroughly written email from

I Could've Given Up.

And I almost did a few times... I took a year off, worked multiple jobs (one of them a part time job at the World's Most Famous Arena for the New York Rangers), so looking back, I can't say that I would ever change a thing #noregrets. I ended up at the finish line a little late, but sometimes you've gotta take some detours to experience a deviation from the norm.

Graduation Day

For those of you that missed my Facebook Live video (I'm still pretty upset that the audio did not come out as planned). My lovely sisters (@dannimassaro & @lucianaa_rosee ) for getting a prime video of me walking:

If you notice, you'll see me sneak a business card to commencement speaker, Author and NY Times Journalist @Kim_Barker

(Kim if you're reading, email me back - I would love to speak with you)

The Take-Away: The Challenge

The title of this post is a little misleading.. I'm nowhere near done. I'm not sure what my next step is professionally or educationally, but I know that I'm far from who I want to be.

What I want you to do is stop making excuses for yourself and commit yourself to something that you give a crap about. If you know that you're destined for bigger and better things, go out and chase them. Now is the time to take risks. Not tomorrow, not next week. Now.


If you need some help, here's some food for thought:

Living a Meaningful Life (Part 1) & Living a Meaningful Life (Part 2)

Comment and let me know what you're committing yourself to. Also, throw me a like on Insta and that Facebook video. I told you I was humble, but let me have this one.. You only graduate college once dontchaknow?!