Intentionally Living The Monday From Hell


Team No Sleep

Insomnia is a MF'er. So it seems as though we are in the midst of the last Monday of summer and not only am I looking back in reflection of my Summer's goals and realized that I've failed to capitalize on the season, I'm doing so on about an hour 45's worth of sleep.

Following my live tweeting of the events, you could see that I had been up at very odd hours of this season ending Monday:

@ayjzzle tweeting about #insomnia


So now the alarm goes off, I throw my (already broken) iPhone across the room in frustration and now have to put my big boy pants on. I plan on downing as much coffee as I can stomach, listening to gangstar rap and getting through this Monday from Hell.

Cartoon Fingers Illustrating the 3 Steps to Success : 1. Drink Some Coffee 2. Put on Some Gangsta Rap 3. Handle It

To give you a brief synopsis of last night's insomnia, here's a brief rundown:

11:15 PM: Doze off

1:00AM: Wake up "oh man I'm having heart palpitations again.. Oh Yeh the Doctor said I'm fine..but these feel weird!!"

2:00AM: Stare at ceiling, throw in the occasional toss and turn, repeat for one hour.

3:00AM: "Okay just a few minutes on the computer" - "Woah look at this plugin!"

3:15AM: "YOO this song is good AND this cover is even better!! Who is this dude?!"

3:30AM: "How have I not seen this Office Themed Emmys introduction?!- and I call myself an Office super fan?!"

3:45AM: "Wow-must watch 'The Best Lil Wayne Interview with Jimmy Kimmel." - Not that good, not even good enough to link it.

4:00AM: Watches Golf Network, Listens to Commentary "Hmm maybe I'll try to be a stand-up comedian again"- *Proceeds to write down joke about Golf Commentary* - *Proceeds to cross joke out*


Brace Face Brad's first open mic #jokerswild #openmic #standup #patoates #potatoes #greatescape @ayjzzle

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5:00AM-7:15AM: "I think i'm going to call out of work and sleep the whole day. OMG I can't, I saw one of the doctor's that I work for yesterday at the local brewery- they're going to think I'm hungover and can't make it to work! But I need sleep. But I can't be un-professional. My eye is twitching from this pressure. I'm just gonna go to work, it's much less stressful. 

So in efforts of keeping spirits high and the keeping the theme of Optimism Strong, I have given myself the permission to live a day full of misdirected apathy, begrudging head nods and zombie-eyed at the

  • So was I a little late to work today? yep.

AJ Massaro Sitting in traffic on the Q-Bridge. Stopped of course


  • Am I rocking the 'messy bed head/disheveled' look today? Yep.
  • Did I walk into a sprinkler while writing that last question? Yep.

Selfie of AJ Massaro drenched in water after walking into sprinkler with the caption #mondayfromhell

  • Did I proceed to walk into work and spill my coffee while trying to open the door today? Yep.Spilled Coffee on a Monday Morning.
Did I throw the towel? Call out, and roll back over into bed when my body was finally tired? Nope.

And For That I Thank YOU!

If it hadn't been for this outlet to vent, I don't know if I would have the strength to get out of bed today. One could argue that I "Did it for the Blog." (Except the traffic, sprinkler, coffee.. those were completely the Universes way of saying - You chose this life today. We're calling your Bluff Mr. Millennial)

I want to take a minute out to thank you, the loyal subscribers for getting me out of bed today. You guys are the real MVP's (although my large vanilla latte is a close second- not the one on the floor tho, I clearly had to get another one)

Today's Takeaways:

  1. You can't always bring your A-game but it's always better to have played the game and lost than to have not even showed up at all.
  2. There is an immense amount of value in powering through personal struggles, especially when they are more internal than anything else. This is where you truly develop the mental grit that is the foundation for self-efficacy, confidence and learning to trust your intuition (I've powered through this Monday from Hell, and it's given me the strength to
  3. Those that don't believe in the power of The Secret or it's teachings are given live, visceral proof that the Law of Attraction is indeed in full-effect. I chose to have this type of day today, I said hey, you know what I'm going to really ride this one out and see how "the worst case scenario feels."


Hell, we're coming up on a holiday/three day weekend, what's the worst thing that can happen?


I hope I made your Monday a little better. What's the Best/Worst part of your day today?