Challenge - I'm Calling You Out and I NEED to Hear From You!


Life is way too short to hide your true self. Own who you are. That's it.


MAJOR KEY ALERT - Challenge:

I'm challenging everyone that reads this post to share with me (and if you're comfortable.. all the other manifest believers), one absolute 100% truth about themselves.

What is something about yourself that you can say with utmost confidence and genuinely own that statement? It can be absolutely anything.


Here's mine: I love making people laugh. #jesterlife


That's it! Now it's your turn. Email me ( Leave a comment. Sign into Facebook and leave a comment that way. Tweet me (@manifest1000).

Whatever you do, the real question is, why lie to yourself? Live your truth.

How does it feel to tell the world who you are?


I'm excited about the response but if we're being honest, I feel like my readers are still too shy to own up to their identities.


Prove me wrong. Own up to yourself. Surprise Me.

Challenge Accepted meme