Truly Living or Slowly Dying?


So Which One Is It? Are You Living or Dying?

Lately, I've noticed a few more stray grey hairs atop my skull than usual. My sister (in the hair industry) mentioned to me that she noticed how my "hair is thinning". And in a few short days I will be officially without health insurance for the first time in my life as I turn 26 years old. All indicators of getting older, and surfacing feelings of my fear of dying. (Cue the comments from readers older than I: "You don't know what it's like to be old! I'm 46! Now that's old!")

Due to the recent onset of these realities, I've been feeling extra existential lately:

  • Coming to the realization that we don't live forever ( YOLO is real!!)

  • As we get older sometimes we're blind to the fact that we're actually getting older...

  • As we get older sometimes we are blind to the fact that the people that we love are also getting older..

John Mayer Performing his song

There's no cookie-cutter timeline for achieving dreams, or goals, or happiness and I'm not implying that your age should dictate how you live HOWEVER what I AM saying is that we must acknowledge that true happiness starts with deliberation. (If you need a refresher course on deliberation check these out very cool articles: Part 1, Part 2)

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today- James Dean

Let's Get Real

Let's be blunt for a second, because I'm not here to waste your time: You're going to eventually die. As scary as THAT reality is... Think about this:

Right now. In this very moment. You have the ability to change the course of your life forever. THIS very moment.

Read that statement again to yourself... What thoughts pass through your mind while reading that statement? What limiting beliefs are re-affirming themselves in the form of statements like:

  • "Yeh, that's great but..." or

  • "You can't just do that.." or

  • "Easy for him to say... I have to deal with (insert random internal struggle here)"

Identify these limiting beliefs the next time you sense your change of direction in life. They'll be present. The key is knowing how to manage and dismiss them.

The scariest part about this mortal, visceral life is that in


moment, we have choice...the absolute power, to make a change and chase our dreams, or the alternative: to give in to the little voices in our head that tell us choose comfort and security.

The Reality: Exposed

Unfortunately, more likely than not, we give in to the

Fear of Failure

and we let others feelings, thoughts, and opinions dictate our realities.

The scariest part about living isn't dying. The scariest part about it all is that final realization. The final thoughts on your deathbed. The hindsight reflection of how you "should have, could have, would have." lived life more consciously and deliberately.

I don't ask many things of my readers, but this is a call to action to everyone:

I'm asking you to take 4 1/2 minutes out of your day to watch this video (the credits start at around 4:45 so don't be turned off by the length of the video). After doing so, please let me know how it affected you. This video will change the way you look at your life. You'll see what I'm talking about: