Tuesday Chronicles: A Walk Back From Lunch


Tuesday Hits and It's a Doozy

Whether it be the rain or the fact that you overloaded on yesterday's #MakeMondaysNOTsuck #45 , realizing that it's ONLY Tuesday is a bit of a "Are you kidding me?" moment.

Taking your lunch earlier than usual didn't help...But the walk back to work was mentally draining. Conceding your freedom felt like a mental battle that you wouldn't win.

And you don't know whether your feelings of mental cloudiness are attributed to the following:

  1. You skipped today's lunch gym session (probably likely)
  2. You tried to get some work done on lunch and made, what you feel to be, no progress whatsoever.
  3. This rainy weather makes us want to just go home and lay in bed.
  4. Is it REALLY only Tuesday?

In the five minute walk back to the office..

The clock strikes, and your stomach turns at the thought of returning to your desk.

You walk back through the mist, which at all other times would be refreshing, now feels like small daggers falling from the sky. Your blood pressure is through the roof and your anxiety is at an all time high. Your blood boils as you climb the stairs, to your eminent return to the office.

Your mind wanders back to the question that a Facebook friend posted last night that has seeped into your subconscious :

"Can you honestly tell me you're living up to your fullest potential? When you were a kid, is this honestly where you envisioned yourself being?"

I think this is an interesting one because it definitely hit us right in the feels. If you let it, the question can break you, throw you down to the ground and get pummeled by the reality that the answer may be no. With that being said, the beauty of the question is that answering the question is a great practice of self-awareness. The answer may help to become your biggest motivation and can be a great springboard for future action in order to convert your answer from No to YES!

What's YOUR Answer? Are you living up to your fullest potential? Why or Why Not?

Comment below!

Do the right thing. Don't let your laziness or unwillingness to take chances prevent you from reaching your potential.


It will all get better, if you let it.