There's Something Sexy About Not Giving a Shit. We Get It.


Why is Apathy Sexy? Who Cares Man?

It's always easier to 'not give a crap' than it is to show you care. What makes Mick Jaggar so badass? Do you think Sid Vicious would be a Sex Pistol without his apathy?!

Take it from Stewie.. I mean Zach Sawyer :

Let's Face Facts

Most of the time, satire is more fun to read than a blog driven to motivate individuals to empower their lives- and trust us we get that. It's human nature.

Millennials don't want to come home from work or school to read articles that invoke thought. I just stared at computer screen for the past eight hours myself- the last thing I want to do is exert any effort whatsoever (plus I'm inherently lazy, so you do the math).


Introducing the Negativity Bias

Since you've probably already learned this in 7th Grade Science let's just say we're revisiting this concept. The brain has adapted over the course of our occupation on the planet to develop to hone in on negativity as a response to danger.

The basic premise of the negativity bias is that our brain's respond stronger to negative stimuli than that invoked by positive emotions (except for videos of Soldiers Homecoming Videos - I cry tears of joy everytime - shoutout to @joeybagodonuts89 & @zachTHEbuckjones)

The reason that we LOVE funny videos of my friend flipping out over a video game or an article of me talking about how I auditioned for the Real World (and didn't make it) is because we are drawn to the negative forces and absolute failures behind these stories. What we don't realize is that we can draw a positive out of every negative!! (My friend realizes that his life is more than Pokemon Go! and I was able to focus more on my blog than making a fool out of myself on National Television!!)


So That's Why I Quit

Ah- See! Almost had you there!!

The truth is folks, I've been facing an uphill battle from the start. I'm literally defying the laws of human psychology by attempting to gain your focus on these subject matters.

I once handed my business card to the keynote speaker at my college graduation as I walked across stage for my diploma - Do you really think a little psychology theory on how the brain gravitates towards negativity is going to stop me?

Let's make positivity sexy again. Haters Gonna Hate. Bloggers Gonna Blog.


Find a dream & Manifest it.