The Worst Part About Taking a Vacation From Work


Preparing for a Vacation is Absolutely Nerve-Racking.


Here in the life of an office drone, sometimes you catch a break. Sometimes you log enough time in your office that you're finally able to take some days off for some nice R&R.

I know, I know - I'm not a hard worker because I'm taking a few days off from work.. I'm such a 'lazy' millennial. Anyways, are you going to let me complain or just keep berating me for taking a vacation?

The Bad:

  • Doing your 'away' time voicemail- Everyone in the office is listening to you make this voicemail so you'd better hope that it's good the first time around. You try to present your voice in a professional manner (My mom is the BEST at this) but it never goes as planned.

Note: As I finish this post 40,000 feet in the air- the first time that I've finally relaxed on my vacation - I'm faced with a mini panic attack: I completely forgot to do this as well as my automatic email response...hopefully that doesn't become an issue with my employment status for when I return

  • Finishing the project that was assigned to you on the day of your last day of work- Murphy's law here folks - I really asked for it. Yesterday may have been the most stressful day of work I've ever experienced. Don't even want to talk about it. Let's just say that I was scheduled to leave at 12:00 and didn't leave until 4. Which delayed all of my plans to prepare for today's trip drastically - hence my comment about writing this post to be the first time I've relaxed all week. And hell yeh I got an on-flight beer (which was No charge-card wouldn't swipe and they didn't take cash) For a price of on the house. Thanks Katie!

Mr. Manifest on an airplane starting his vacation the right way with a 7:30AM Road/Sky Soda


Note to self: always bring a card that doesn't swipe on an airplane.

  • There are SO many things to prepare for when leaving for vacation. Whether it's figuring out how you're going to get to the airport, making sure to pack all your Manifest it! Tee Shirts that you can fit for your upcoming business trip, and making sure not to miss your flight (we made it with 2 minutes to spare - also we got our bags checked for free, so who are the real winners here?) 3.

The Good News:

Dude, you're on vacation - stop complaining- this is supposed to be a blog on positivity and optimism.. Don't you ever stick to your word? #MakePositivitySexyAgain For the next 6 1/2 days you won't have to worry about anything work related, and you need to embrace that reality.

Yeah sure, the next time you step into the office may be the very worst day of your life but that doesn't matter-You're not thinking about tomorrow..You're thinking about this moment, right now.

And at the end of the day, you'll come back to the office refreshed and relaxed almost as if you had undergone the hypnosis therapy that Peter in Officespace experienced:


Peter from Officespace undrills his cubicle wall after his hypnosis to not care about work

Three Ways to Make Your Vacation Not Suck:

1.Be Selfish. - In today's day and age, people think that being selfish is a bad thing. Quite the contrare my friends. Love yourself first and it'll make it easier to love others.

2. "I've Earned Every Second of This." - This is absolutely FUNDAMENTAL mentality to have when - work hard, play harder.

3. Especially if you're travelling to a new city: "No one gives a crap about who you are". I mean this in the best way possible. You can reinvent yourself or just take the type of risks that you wouldn't at home because you're worried about what others think of you.

Exhibit A:

So you know what I'm doing? This Vacation?

I'm Manifesting it.