It was a breezy summer afternoon.

The type of afternoon that exists only in flashbacks of you getting off the school-bus and running home to drop of your backpack and pick up your bicycle with the playing cards clothes-pinned to the back tires to simulate the sound of a motorcycle.

To escape the mundane chaos of the Monday inside the office,  A.J. Massaro, [Founder of Manifest Millennial] excused himself to take the Recreation Center's trash out to the apartment complex's Trash Compactor.

He stepped outside greeted by a perfectly timed, cool breeze. Closing his eyes as the sun warmed his face, he filled his lungs with the sweet summer air. He let out a sigh of relief as he continued on with his day. The brief moment of relaxation had passed, but a still calm had come over him.


During his walk, he'd decided to extend that brief moment of relaxation. After all - wasn't walking an activity frequently promoted by great thinkers such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and even Friedrich Nietzsche?

He took a moment to stand still and notice the beautiful surroundings: radiant green trees leaves as they danced in the wind,  and lively blades of fluffy green grass, that kissed the baby blue sky where they both met on the horizon.

AJ Massaro had suffered great uncertainty about:

  • His Purpose
  • His Career
  • His Love Life
  • His Future
  • His Happiness

...And up until this point, these uncertainties would manifest themselves into unfortunately familiar experiences in the form of panic attacks, feelings of self-doubt and what seemed to be inevitable hopelessness.

"I'd Probably Better get Going..."

AJ thought to himself as he halfheartedly enjoyed the latter half of his walk.  "I'm probably taking longer than expected, they might begin to worry - or something might happen in the office."


Regaining his focus on work, A.J. scurried back to the trash compactor to complete the task he had set out to complete some 20 minutes earlier. Powered by guilt in his mind, "What if I get fired for taking a break without permission?!", he turned the corner to dispose of the trash.

He heard a rustling as he approached and felt an immediate sense of relief, 

"Okay good, at least if there is a resident throwing their trash out too, I can tell my boss that I had gotten caught up in conversation with them and have a valid excuse!" 

To his surprise, he was in perfect solitude.

He heard the rustle again.


Drawing closer, and closer - squinting to make out the inanimate object - he felt another brisk breeze - but this time... more forceful than any he'd felt that day.


A giant thud echoed across the pavement as A.J. ran over with great anticipation.

When he bent over to discover the source of mystery, he gasped and was taken a back.

His heart warmed and sank at the same time.

It was a book entitled "Learned Optimism" by Martin E. P. Seligman.


A moment of divine intervention.


A.J. had been introduced to the subject of personal development early on in a Life Skills course years prior, where his teacher would scream at the top of his lungs in a class room full of impressionable 15 year old boys about discipline, accountability and self-respect. The combination of trauma from failing the Life Skills course (don't ask us how!) and his cynical thoughts on the industry standard of "trying to fix something that isn't even broken.", A.J. vowed to never "fully-commit". 

With that being said, when a book falls out of thin air....you take that book, and you read the SHIT out of that book..

So that's it:

  • We're here to Restore the Hope to the Hopeless

  • We're HERE To Make fun oF the Un-laughable

  • We're Here to Show the 'failures' that they'll Succeed

and most importantly,


Feel free to contact me with ANY comments, questions or concerns. You can tell me that I'm a cotton headed ninny muggins- all I ask is that you give me your honest feedback. It is GREATLY appreciated.